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The Contax II and III Instruction Book of 1948

This is a document that is not supposed to exist. It is a combination instruction book for both the Contax II and III model cameras. Conventional wisdom is that there were no Contax II or III cameras produced after the end of World War II with the exception of a few hand made black paint Contax II's manufactured specially in Jena for the 1951 Photokina. This instruction book is very important in that it is identified to have been printed in the U.S.A. by Zeiss Ikon in 1948. Inside the instruction book reference is made to Contax II and III cameras currently being imported into the USA. Illustrations inside the book show both a Contax III and a Contax II with a very ususual Zeiss Ikon Logo engraving into the chrome of the front plate. As far as I am aware no examples of these cameras have come onto the market. They had to exist since they had to be inside the USA at the time the instruction book was prepared for printing. Perhaps they are the only two ever made and perhaps they are still in a shoe box somewhere waiting to be discovered.

Here are the pages of the Instruction Book in order:



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