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This page contains links to pages listing all of the cameras, lenses and accessories currently available for sale. These pages are updated immediately when an item is sold so all items shown are available. If you are looking for something that is not shown please contact me. I have a "wish list" and will search out and find items for you.

This is the reply letter you would have received from Carl Zeiss in 1954 after you sent in the warranty card. Notice it contains one huge mistake and this is the advice to take your camera to the beach.

Letter Small

Camera Equipment Terms of Sale

All items sold are fully overhauled before being shipped to you. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and so we do not sell equipment that has not been fully serviced or that is substandard in any way. Servicing includes complete disassembly, detailed cleaning of all parts, lubrication and precision alignment. All equipment comes with a one year guarantee.

The price of cameras reflects current market conditions relative to cosmetic condition. All cameras are fully and completely serviced and are in 100% mechanical condition with a full one year guarantee.

The marked prices do not include the cost of shipping. Equipment is usually shipped by USPS Insured Priority mail. Overnight shipping or shipping by Fedex is available at extra cost.

All equipment comes with a three day inspection privilege. You will be refunded the price of the item if it is returned in the same condition as when it was shipped within three days of your receipt of it. In the event of a return the cost of return shipping is your responsibility and the cost of shipping the item to you is not refundable. You are also responsible for damage or loss during return shipment and it is strongly recommended that you purchase insurance for the full replacement cost of the item.

When you purchase an item from us the item becomes your property as of the time payment is accepted by us. When we ship an item to you we are acting as your agent acting under your instructions. In the event of damage or loss during shipment our only obligation is to fully cooperate with the insurance loss claim process of the shipper.

Buyers from outside the U.S.A. are completely responsible for the payment of any and all duties, taxes, levies, fines or other costs which may become applicable due to the application of the laws, rules or regulations of foreign governments. We are not responsible for any delay in delivery caused by processing of the shipment by the shipper or any entity of any government. All customs documentation will be accurately completed and will be submitted with each shipment. Please do not ask us to mark items purchased from us to be a gift or otherwise attempt to involve us in schemes to avoid the payment of customs duty and taxes.


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