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Buying Your Equipment

If you would like to sell us some Contax, Contarex or other Zeiss equipment we are willing to make a fair and generous offer on it to you even if it is not working or has been damaged. The only condition of the offer is that you have a clear title of ownership and we will take your word on that. If you'd like us to consider your equipment please send us a list of the equipment by using this convenient email link:

Equipment Offer Question.

If this link will not work for you the email address is superwide@earthlink.net.

Terms of Transaction:

The process is very simple. You list and describe the equipment to us and we will make an offer on it. Then you ship it to us and upon delivery we will send you an email to tell you it has arrived. Then the equipment will be examined, inventoried and listed on an invoice. The next business day a check and a copy of the invoice will be sent to you by U.S. Mail.

We will pay one half the cost of shipping the equipment to us.

Terms of the Offer:

We will make a firm offer based upon your listing and description of the equipment. We are aware that many people today are not familiar with the examination and grading of camera equipment. We expect there will be some differences between the way the equipment is described and what it looks like when it is received. We are not "cherry pickers" and buy the entire shipment. Our experience is that in every group of equipment sent here some of it will be good and some not so good. Unlike most other buyers we can turn lemons into lemon aide and take this into account. We reserve the right to make a counter offer in the event the equipment has a value far lower than the offer but we have not yet had to do this.

Duration of the Offer To Buy Your Equipment:

An offer is good for three days after it has been sent to you. This is 72 hours from the time the email containing the offer is sent to you. After 72 hours the offer is expired and we are under no obligation to honor it. If an offer is expired we will gladly reconsider your equipment if you decide to offer it to us again at a later date.

We don't have unlimited financial resources and get a lot of correspondence. It has been our experience that some offers have been accepted as late as three months after being made. In order to limit our outstanding financial liability it is necessary to implement this 72 hour limitation on our offers to purchase equipment. If it is your intention to shop around to explore the current market please be sure to do this before contacting us if this time limitation is going to be a problem.

The Basis of our Offer To Buy Your Equipment:

We are wholesale buyers. We cannot pay retail or high Ebay prices. Every piece of equipment we buy is intended to be completely overhauled and then sold on this web site. It is going to also be honestly and completely described at the time of sale. This means that a considerable amount of work, investment and future sales price risk must be factored into the valuation of equipment sold to us before it can be sold by us after we buy it. Often equipment must be held for years before it can be prepared for sale and sold.

If you plan to sell Contax or Contarex equipment on Ebay be advised there is a very great hunger for mint condition Contax and Contarex equipment in mainland China so it has a huge profit potential there. There are active Chinese buyers in the USA who buy Contarex items on Ebay then immediately send them to a central shipper located at a local airport. The equipment is then air shipped overnight to China where it is examined. If its not perfect it is immediately returned to the buyer who then asks the seller for a refund. If a refund is not granted the buyer then uses the Ebay complaint process to force a refund. Ebay has recently increased the time period after a sale where a complaint to be filed to be six months. I know all about this from experience.

Equipment With Sentimental Value:

Our experience is a lot of Zeiss equipment has very high sentimental value. It can have been your most prized possession or it can have been the prized possession of a loved family member. We buy equipment to overhaul it and to sell it to people who will cherish it and use it. We are not wholesale buyers who buy merely to send it on for a small profit. Our procedure is to prepare everything we buy for sale on our website so that it will be purchased by someone who will love it just as much as you love it.


Please ship the equipment here fully insured for at least the amount of the offer. You can use any shipping company you like but be sure we must sign for it upon delivery. We cannot be responsible for the loss of any equipment that is simply dropped off.

Please package your equipment carefully. Wrap each piece in bubble wrap and cushion all of it in a sturdy box filled with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Please do not use wadded up newspaper or plastic bags, chunks of hard foam, pieces of cardboard, or other debris. Under no conditions use air filled bags. These break during transit and can result in severe equipment damage.

Notify us by email of the shipment and provide us with any tracking numbers so we can be present when the package is delivered.

We will pay one half of the shipping charges if is necessary to return the shipment to you. This has not yet happened but it must be mentioned as a possibility.




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